In Honor of Darwin Day

We are all Keynesians now. This quote, usually attributed to Richard Nixon, is really believed to have been said by Milton Friedman. What Nixon actually said was “I am a Keynesian in economics now.” Both statements are powerful in the fact that they come from people who are ideologically on the right. They are in … Continue reading In Honor of Darwin Day

What Causes Altruism? Positive Assortment

The question of altruistic acts poses a serious question in the field of evolutionary biology. Altruism occurs when an individual does an act which gives benefit to others at a cost to itself. Natural selection, on the other hand, states that the traits which give an individual the greatest benefit are the ones that will spread… Continue reading What Causes Altruism? Positive Assortment

Hawk-Dove: Evolutionary Game Theory in a Nutshell

Sorry about the absence last week. I fell ill and was unable to write anything for that week. This post was originally supposed to appear last Monday. Prisoner’s Dilemma. Battle of the Sexes. Chicken. Matching Pennies. Stag Hunt. Rock, Paper, Scissors. All the various types of auctions. I have just listed before me a series… Continue reading Hawk-Dove: Evolutionary Game Theory in a Nutshell