Interactive media has the potential to be a powerful learning tool. Instead of passively engaging the audience, the audience becomes an active participant. This can result in a more engaging, more intuitive, and deeper form of learning. You will find below a series of games that I with others have created to explain ecological concepts.

Plant Biomass Allocation

This was a board game created by my postdoctoral advisor Dr. Gordon G. McNickle in which a player, acting as a plant, allocates biomass to various structures in order to gain the most fitness at the end of the season by producing the most fruit. During the initial stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, I had digitized it so that it could still be used for learning purposes.

In the first version below, the player is by itself and in a single environment

In the second version, the plant now competes with another plant and can do so in various “biomes” which govern the probability of rain at each timestep.

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