It’s the beginning of the EPL, my weekend mornings for reading are gone (they were never there), and I need to start posting again.       …. POST!!!!!

I must post

So, another week without much to say. It’s been quite busy. We have this one professor visiting us from the Netherlands, so I’m trying to work with her as much as I can on a project before she leaves in a week. Friday, I saw a longtime collaborator and friend Friday so that was always… Continue reading I must post

I tried to post…

As you can see, it didn’t go well. I was going to write about averages and what they mean (pun not intended but kept anyway) but that fell through (unlike that pun). I don’t know. I’ve just been so busy and it’s been a crap start to the semester with the sickness and my advisor… Continue reading I tried to post…

Lessons Learned

Weekends, I imagine, are quite enjoyable for most people. It’s a designated time of rest after spending five days working hard. For me though, weekends are sacred. Especially the weekend morning. Coming from a household of five (including me), it was one of the few times I ever really had space and I used that… Continue reading Lessons Learned