Reflections on the Past Week: 12/11/16


That’s all I can really say about last week. Ugh…

Winter’s come in with an absolute vengeance. Currently, we’re getting temperatures of single digits, -15 to -10 degrees in Celsius. Snow is falling like crazy which is bad as I have to commute to university. This has all slowed my academic progress considerably as I have to be at campus to do work on my computer. The only option now is writing papers.


I don’t know why writing is so horrible for me. I love doing mathematics, coding, analysis. Even making pretty graphs I can do with much more ease than writing. I guess it’s because of the pressure. Writing in academia is all about getting a bunch of unknown people to sign off on your work. If I just had a blog where I put all my results, I don’t think I’d have much of a problem. But writing for publishing means writing for an unknown audience. An unknown, miserable, highly skeptical audience ready to pounce at your every failure. Unfortunately, there’s nothing else I can do. Publish or perish is the motto of academia. I have to write.


By thetweedybiologist

Research of theoretical ecology and evolution

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