Reflections on the Past Week: 11/27/16

Academia is hard. Really hard. You just won’t believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly hard it is.

This past week has been tough on me. There’s a lot to do in academia and crunch time is upon me. It’s my 5th year and though many might say I’m making good progress, I don’t feel like I am. I feel like I’m being constrained. With Trump in office, I am quite literally thinking of immigrating to Canada at least temporarily. This will involve getting a post-doc or perhaps a going for a 2nd degree, likely Masters. As well, my advisor is retiring to become professor emeritus this year and I will likely see him much less. So I have so much to do this month/winter break. Likely, I’ll have to edit a paper for publication, get a proposal written, try to get a poster for a conference in January (and overcome my fear of flying), and still do my research, hopefully enough to get a chapter out of the way. And while it’s been this stressful, I know I can’t take a break. All I can do is keep fighting, keep pushing through and hope for a good outcome.

Academia is hard. I mean, you may think it’s a graduating with a bachelor’s require effort, but that’s just peanuts to academia.

By thetweedybiologist

Research of theoretical ecology and evolution

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