Reflections on the Past Week: 10/16/16

Expect the unexpected as Plucky Duck would say. That’s the lesson of the week.

In keeping with sports metaphors leading to life lessons, Arsenal tied with Middlesbrough and Ohio State lost to Penn State. With regards to Arsenal, they had been really advancing, winning 7 games straight and having gone unbeaten since the Liverpool opener. They usually win against recently promoted teams, which Middlesbrough is, so this should have been 3 easy points. With three points, they would have been 3 points clear of Tottenham, their local rivals. They also would have been top of the league right now as ManCity, the only team ahead of them, just got a draw today. It was certainly a missed opportunity.

As for Ohio State, they were doing well, generally winning. They had a tough time last week against Wisconsin but found a way to win. The Penn State game was supposed to be like Wisconsin (both away games in a hostile environment) except with a weaker team. Penn State was unranked. They were in control in the third quarter, looking to seal a victory. Instead, they lost.

I’m pretty sure Arsenal and Ohio State prepared. I’m sure they prepared well. They probably expected to win. But things happen.

This week, I was trying to do some grid searches on my computer. It involves non-linear equation solving which can be very tricky. Previous use for problems went well so I had assumed future use would work as well. And since the grid searches were tough and took a long time, I tried to automate it, expecting all would go well. It didn’t. The equations were too complex for the solver to get a good solution (even a crappy one sometimes). A hurdle appeared.

Things happen all the time. If you expect an ideal, you’ll likely get burned. Now I have to find a portal to bounce through.

On the flip side, sometimes the unexpected yields rewards.

By thetweedybiologist

Research of theoretical ecology and evolution

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