Reflections on the Past Week: 9/25/16

This week: Networking!

I hate networking! Especially when it’s with a super stuffy, overly formal space that doesn’t have flat water. Not even for sale. Not even fancy-schmancy flat water that comes in a glass bottle with a swan-shaped neck. Seriously, when you have Perrier as your best option for water, something’s completely wrong. A networking event for grad students and the dress code was business casual. Business casual! There were people wearing blazers, ties, and pearl necklaces (fake or real, who gives a shit). I was wearing blue jeans and a hoodie. Sure I had a nice shirt underneath, but I wasn’t taking off my hoodie (out of practicality, not principle). The place was so stifled, I just…ugh. I prefer networking with beer and pizza. I prefer places where I can be myself and not put on a mask. I can understand needing to look proper for the required situation. I can’t understand being more formal than necessary.

By thetweedybiologist

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