Reflections on the Past Week: 9/18/16

Having a blog is easy. Maintaining a blog is hard.

It surprises me sometimes. I know the old cliché about writer’s block and such (Edit: Is there even a cliché? I think I just wrote down nonsense looking back at it.), but it still leaves me struggling just how hard it is for me to put my emotions, thoughts, and ideas in words. I guess humans weren’t built for language as much as we thought. Perhaps it’s because I really don’t think about things; I just sort of do and react.

I thought this blog was going to be about my experiences as a grad student. I would write about the highs and lows, struggles and triumphs, yins and yangs. I couldn’t just write about research; that would be too much having to explain something new in my field each and every week. So I would create a blend with personal experience and science communication to hopefully get a…

What I’m trying to say is I’m trying something new. I’m thinking Sunday’s will be personal stuff while the rest of the week is left for whatever else I decide. So here goes nothing. My personal reflections for this week:

There is nothing to reflect on. Good things generally happened. Progress is being made. I hope this continues…


By thetweedybiologist

Research of theoretical ecology and evolution

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