Third Restart

Hello one and all. Well, I have finally come back. The title is new, the appearance is new, and now I am ready to return. Let’s see how long this part of the experiment lasts. You see, the troubles I had with the previous stage of this blog was two-fold.One, this was really supposed to be a science blog. This blog was about me as a graduate student in ecology and evolution. I wanted to explain my field of study, helping to refine my skills in education and writing, and describe my life as a graduate student with all its ups and downs, including a documentation of the learning and research process. Unfortunately, all that got swept aside by politics and other stuff. I don’t mind writing about politics and society at large; in fact, I think it is necessary that I and all scientists and all humans engage the process of trying to better society. The problem came when it overwhelmed my blog which consequently lost its focus. The second problem I had was I just realized that I had nothing to say. It was as simple as that. Oh, I had ideas. I had ideas by the barrelful. By something to say? Well, I had not been as well read or well versed to the standard that I hold myself in a large majority of my ideas. Therefore, I could not legitimately put those ideas out there in good conscience as they were so understudied. For these two reasons, I had decided to shut down this blog.

But now it is back. This time, I am committing myself to this blog; and I have a plan. Every Monday, I must write a blog post. That blog post will be on one topic only — the previous week of graduate studies. This will serve a dual purpose. One, I will be writing about science. Once a week, you can guarantee that I will write about a topic in science. Therefore, this blog will not descend into just my mad rantings. Two, it will force me to tell you about an interesting topic in science, which means intensive reading on my part. Reading is an absolutely essential part to graduate school, and having this system will force me into this essential activity. Besides the weekly Monday post, I hope to have more posts along the way. These posts can be about anything — science, society, anything that interests me — though they will be heavily skewed towards my research and graduate studies, once again to prevent further degeneration of this blog. I really hope I can make this blog work. There is a feeling deep inside me which commits me to campaigning on behalf of science, which includes science education. Afterall, had there not been a Jacques Cousteau, a Jane Goodall, or a Carl Sagan, I may have not ended up in this profession. I just hope I can make this work.

By thetweedybiologist

Research of theoretical ecology and evolution

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